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ScienceDocs is recommended by all major publishers:






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Nearly 5000 scientific and medical journals throughout the world recommend ScienceDocs as a trusted resource for their authors. We are all looking forward to having the honor of working with you as well.



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Welcome...So Why ScienceDocs?


...Quality...Absolute Expertise...Client Dedication




7 Reasons to go with ScienceDocs:



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We CELEBRATE your work and we are 100% invested in your success.




  1. We are the only comprehensive scientific and medical research support service company in the world. Our group consists of over 300 scientific editors and translators, PhD-level biostatisticians and epidemiologists -- some of the very best in their fields from over 50 universities and 30 countries. From clinical research to engineering patents to dissertations and journal submissions, we have you covered.


  2. With ScienceDocs, you know exactly who you are working with and why. All specialists here have listed their curricula vitae for your review. You will also be able to freely communicate with your specialist during and after your project with us.


  3. All work performed for our clients is performed by experts in their fields. An optical engineering manuscript will be edited by an optical engineering editor. A horticulture translation will be done by a horticulture translator and a statistical project in the field of DNA methylation and cancer incidence will be performed guessed expert in the same.


  4. ScienceDocs is recommended by every major scientific and medical publisher in the world.  Our editors, writers and translators are truly some of the very best in their fields and our biostatisticians and epidemiologists are well-published and respected experts in their specialties.


  5. ScienceDocs is partners with and holds contracts with many universities, government branches and organizations worldwide. In fact, we are engaged in our own collaborative academic and SBIR/STTR grant-funded research with other investigators and institutions.


  6. The beauty of ScienceDocs lies in the collaborative efforts of our varied specialists here. For example, when a client asks us to assist with study design for a grant proposal, our editors are able to additionally provide backup services. When we translate or edit sensitive manuscripts, a ScienceDocs biostatistician is available to double-check the statistics. You will find this nowhere else.


  7. We consistently deliver exceptional services at competitive rates. We do NOT provide jaw-dropping, rock-bottom rates while providing you an unknown entity to work on your document. Your research deserves better than that. What we DO provide is reliable, consistent quality you can trust by known experts in your field. Our main goal is client retention, and we achieve this by truly taking care of you and your work.




Editing - Translation - Statistics Consultation - Study Design Consultation

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Comprehensive Scientific and Medical Research Support and Collaboration...


Pharmaceutical Writing

Document / Website Translation

Journal Articles / Abstracts

Medical Research Papers

Dissertations / Theses

Scientific Textbooks

Government Contracts

Private Research

International Conferences


Lectures and Reports

SBIR/STTR Grant Proposals

Medical Writing

Data Analysis

Clinical Trials

Phone Interpretation

Research Collaboration



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Study Design

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ScienceDocs offers four services at any stage of your research...



Scientific Editing and Writing


We offer a unique and valuable editing service for native and nonnative English speakers. All of our talented editors have years of experience with scientific and medical documents, and are experts in journal publishing. Our copyediting includes our Journal Matching Service™, and as with our other services, the client may choose his or her own editor with whom to work.




Study Design Consulting


At the core of ScienceDocs are veteran epidemiologists and biostatisticians, absolute experts in research study design. From research conception to finished documents, we offer many customized consultation packages over email and phone. Your consultant will be knowledgeable in both your research subject as well as design. Study Design consultations are best utilized during the grant proposal phase and are well-complemented by our statistical programming services.



Language Translation



Bring your research to the global community. ScienceDocs is a multiethnic company that specializes in highly technical translation in over 50 languages. All English translations are proofread by our skilled editors at no additional cost. (For article submissions we recommend additional editing). Unlike most translation services, you will know who your translator is and know they are exceptionally capable at their work.




Statistics Programming and Data Analysis


Biostatisticians affiliated with university research studies are an integral part of the ScienceDocs team, experts in SAS® , SPSS®, database programming and more. We have three tiers of service to meet your needs, from data mining and descriptive analyses to advanced inferential statistics programming and GIS applications. On an hourly basis, these services are an efficient method of outsourcing as needs arise. We have a much broader range of disciplines within our statistics division than can be found at a number of top-rated research universities.


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