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How is ScienceDocs Different?

From our humble beginning in 2004, we built our reputation on a foundation of Talent, Trust, and Transparency.  We believe that YOU, our client, deserve to have known experts work on your important material. Peer-level specialists who are in direct communication with you during the project. Prices that are reasonable. Deadlines that are met. Project Managers who handle quality control and choose the perfect specialists for your needs.

With ScienceDocs you know who you are working with and why. You may also take comfort that ScienceDocs is a vendor of over 50 universities around the world and we come highly recommended by thousands of journals and several publishers. Furthermore, with the multiple services and spectrum of talent we have here, we are capable of having synergistic teams work on complicated projects, for example papers that may require statistical work, writing or even translation all at the same time.

ScienceDocs also offers  opportunities for scientists around the world to openly (or privately) collaborate, socialize and enjoy many valuable resources at no cost!

How to work with ScienceDocs?

Simply fill out a quote form and send us any applicable files so that we may best understand your needs. Files can be dragged/dropped right onto the Quote Sheet below.

All material will be treated with the utmost security and confidentiality. We will be right back to you with a quote or any follow-up questions. We would all be honored to work with you, and we are 100% invested in your success.



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