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Dr. Martha G. – PhD in Biochemistry, Academic Grant Editor and Writer


Academic Grant Editor Dr. Martha is a Ph.D. trained scientist with over 15 years of diverse experience in academic and drug discovery research. As such, she has the experience to help clients to prepare a variety of documents that include the following:

    • Technical writing and editing
    • Technical reports
    • Scientific manuscripts
    • Scientific review articles
  • Grant writing
    • Fellowship 
    • R01
    • DOD
    • Institutional
  • Supportive documents
    • White papers
    • SOPs
    • SOWs
    • Figure preparation
    • Abstracts
    • Letters of support
    • Letters of intent

Education and experience:  Academic Grant Editor Dr. Martha earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from the University of Virginia that focused upon model lipid:protein interactions using secretory phospholipase A2 and zwitterionic and charged lipid vesicles to describe the relationship between enzymatic binding and enzyme kinetics as well as the effects of mutating the calcium binding site of the enzyme. Her first postdoctoral position at Emory University in the Department of Pharmacology explored the lipid modifications of small G-proteins. Her second postdoctoral fellowship took her to The Ohio State University where she developed methods to characterize the release of specific mitochondrial proteins during apoptosis, explored the effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on mitochondrial function, and worked to identify a calcium insensitive phospholipase A2 subtype that was activated with the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential. Dr. Martha then moved to industry where she developed rodent models to model ocular diseases, identified and tested compounds for activity in various models with lead compounds advancing into development, and participated in the regulatory document preparation and launch of two ocular pharmaceutical products. She also has experience in design change documentation related to ocular devices as well as authoring technical reports in this field. Dr. Martha worked on an industrial venture with a compound that targeted presbyopia and cataract formation that required the organization and management of multiple CROs and all the associated technical documentation. Dr. Martha has followed her love of science and returned to academia where she currently is working on projects that encompass biochemistry, immunology, and oncology.   

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Keywords: Technical writing, grant writing, biochemistry, immunology, academic grant editor

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