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Dr. Laura W. –Academic Grant Writer with expertise in NSF, NASA, and DOE proposal writing for Natural Sciences, especially Earth & Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, and Exo/Astrobiology

As an academic grant writer with over 30 years of experience as a broadly trained Earth Scientist and Geochemist, Dr. Laura is ready to help your team craft successful proposals to NSF, NASA, DOE, American Chemical Society, and the US Army Research Office. In her academic career, she has landed ten major research awards totaling $4M from NSF and NASA (Major Research Instrumentation, Environmental Chemical Sciences, Chemical Oceanography, Geobiology & Low-temperature Geochemistry, Marine Geology and Geophysics, and NASA Exobiology, all funded on first submission).

Dr. Laura’s passion is guiding clients to write proposals with extreme clarity and with grantsmanship that grabs attention and makes project ideas “sticky” in the minds of reviewers and program officers. She will serve as Reviewer #0, anticipating questions and concerns and helping you build and hold the trust of reviewers and program officers as they read your proposal text. Dr. Laura can help you show how your idea aligns with the program’s mission and measures well against the specific merit review criteria. For NSF proposals, she can facilitate generation and presentation of Broader Impacts ideas that will enhance your proposal’s chances for success.

Education and Experience: Academic Grant Writer Dr. Laura received a double BS degree in Geology and Symbolic Systems (artificial intelligence) from Stanford University, followed by MS and PhD degrees at Caltech (Geology) and postdoctoral training at Virginia Tech. She has served on the faculty at three academic institutions. Her 30 years of research span three subdisciplines of geology and environmental science, with topics ranging in scale from molecular-level reaction mechanisms to global elemental cycles and timescales ranging from nanohertz to billions of years. Dr. Laura has served on review panels many times for NSF and NASA and reviewed dozens of proposals for NSF, NASA, DOE, ACS-PRF, US Army Research Office, Swiss NSF, French NRA, and Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource. She has published >30 peer-reviewed papers in high-impact journals and reviewed manuscripts for Science, Nature, Nature Geoscience, and quite a few high-impact journals in geology, geochemistry, and planetary science.

In addition to proposal consultation as an academic grant writer, Dr. Laura enjoys working with clients to organize and edit manuscripts for high-profile journals, such as Nature, Science, etc.

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