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Dr. Kockara – Computer Science / AI Grant Writer

AI Grant Writer Dr. Kockara is a computer scientist who received his Ph.D. in Applied Computing. He has an extensive publication record in the leading journals and conference proceedings. His research expertise is in the following fields:

  • Medical image processing and analysis, especially for development and integration of computational techniques for the analysis of dermoscopy images; feature extraction and analysis of skin lesions.
  • Time-series total body imaging and algorithm development to map and track skin lesions in whole body.
  • High fidelity surgical simulation development in virtual/augmented/mixed reality environments.
  • AI and Deep learning applications for biomedical images.
  • Development of high-performance computing or heterogeneous computing algorithms for real-time performance in virtual reality based surgical simulations.

Dr. Kockara has been extensively involved in NIH and NSF proposal campaigns as PI or co-PI. Due to his interdisciplinary research interests, he has collaborated with many researchers from different disciplines including medical doctors, computer scientists, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, and biostatisticians both in the US and overseas. He has been successful in winning many NIH and NSF grants including a fast-track NIH SBIR grant.

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