AI grant writer and computer science consultant team

Since 2004, ScienceDocs has been a leading scientific research support and grant writing firm and we have always sought to stay on the forefront of trends in innovation.  We are well sought after for our high expertise not only in federal grants and contracts, but also high-end technical consultation as a stand-alone service. Our clients often come to us with the latest Big Data, AI/ML and engineering cutting-edge innovations, expecting the finest support in their fields.  And we deliver.

Some of the specific expertise found here in our computer science, ML and AI grant writer team include full-stack machine learning environment expertise, machine learning algorithms, software development, big data processing in statistical computing environments (MATLAB, R, Hadoop), SQL environment expertise (PL/SQL, SQL Server, MySQL), and AI techniques including Python/Cython, NumPy, Scipy, TensorFlow/PyTorch, Scikit-learn, pattern recognition as well as data mining. 

Often members on our computer science and AI grant writer team partner with others here to leverage the synergy of team-support for our clients.  For example, a given proposal development project for us might involve a layer of molecular biology interwoven with machine learning.  In this case, there may very well be a lead writer who is a PhD in Molecular Biology, and the AI grant writer efficiently complements as a partner for those areas rich in this focus.  Since 2020, the majority of the SBIR grant proposals we have worked on indeed have some AI component interlaced through the innovation.

Please see the below some of the consultants in our  CS/ML and AI grant writer team. If you have a preference for which AI grant writer or other consultant with whom you would like to work, do mention this in the quote request form, otherwise the appropriate available specialist will be chosen for you.  


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