AI specialist Dr. Jeremy

Dr. Jeremy – Software Developer and AI specialist, PhD in Computer Engineering

As an Artificial Intelligence consultant and Software Developer, Dr. Jeremy utilizes his advanced knowledge in multiple Object Oriented Programming languages, artificial intelligence, project management, cloud computing systems, statistical data analysis, database optimization, software performance testing, and personnel training to support trusted platforms that enable productive and healthy enterprises in a world of digital and remote everything; constantly changing work patterns and norms; and the need for organizational resiliency. His demonstrated professional commitment to excellence is particularly in direct alignment with ScienceDocs clients’ consulting needs as they pursue grant funding. His technical expertise, obtained in several machine-learning environments, has equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed to produce superior, high-quality results for ScienceDocs clients.

Dr. Jeremy’s most recent professional experience as a Software Development Associate Manager combined with his previous Bioinformatics research at the University of South Carolina’s College of Engineering and Computing demonstrate his potential to contribute to ScienceDocs clients’ valuable work as an Artificial Intelligence Consultant. He has extensive training in big data and artificial intelligence techniques (machine learning: Python / Cython, Scipy, NumPy, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow / PyTorch, pattern recognition, data mining), which are essential to his current investigations. His other notable responsibilities included: application development for monitoring commercial shipping using Azure Stream Analytics, working in multiple SQL environments (PL/SQL, SQL Server, MySQL), coding in several programming languages (C/C++/C#, Java, Python, PowerShell, Ruby, etc.) and Big Data processing in statistical computing environments (MATLAB, R, Hadoop). He successfully implemented, deployed, and maintained projects for insurance policy management, financial transaction processing, and federal insurance claims reporting for Medicare and Medicaid.

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