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Dr. C. Barnes, ScienceDocs Molecular Biology Editor

Dr. C. Barnes is a technically skilled and client-focused professional with a broad medical writing and scientific skill set developed through 20 years as a manager and director of medical writing, ISMPP Certified Medical Publications ProfessionalTM, journal reviewer, medical and scientific communications writer and academician. He has extensive experience drafting, revising, editing and reviewing manuscripts and other biomedical communications for academic and clinical investigators from non-English-speaking countries. In various capacities, Dr. Barnes has supported the development, refinement and submission of more than 500 manuscripts across a broad range of biomedical and clinical fields of research. After 13 years as an academic researcher and 7 years employed by pharmaceutical industry service providers, he now works full time helping authors tell their scientific story with accuracy, clarity, and impact.

Dr. Barnes has earned a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology (oncology focus), Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry. As an academic researcher and faculty member, including 8 years at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Barnes published articles in top tier biomedical journals (Nature, Nature Reviews Cancer, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, PNAS USA, EMBO Reports, Gastroenterology, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Endocrinology, Immunity, Journal of Biological Chemistry). This work was in multiple fields, including oncology, cell biology, signal transduction, novel therapeutics and preclinical drug development. He has conducted preclinical and collaborative clinical research in gastrointestinal, breast, skin, head and neck, lung, renal and pancreatic cancer and has extensive experience in preclinical and early clinical evaluation of targeted small molecule and antibody-based therapeutics. Dr. Barnes welcomes the opportunity to assist authors with writing, revising and editing their manuscripts and other professional biomedical communications.

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