Arabic TranslatorDr. Bensenia – French and Arabic Translator

Dr. Bensenia was born to extremely poor parents in rural Tunisia. With support from private individuals and later thanks to government scholarships, he was able to thread his way to getting a BS in agronomy (University of Tunis, 1969), an MS in agricultural economics (University of Minnesota, 1972), and a PhD in economics (Iowa State University, 1981).

He has had an extremely varied career, from agricultural policy and program analyst for the Government of Tunisia, to Dean of two colleges at the University of Tunis, to project manager for USAID in the Democratic republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), to freelance consultant in international development, to program manager for the World Bank, to country program manager for the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome.

Dr. Bensenia has native or quasi native proficiency in Arabic, French, and English. He also speaks German and Italian. His competencies include: translation, interpreting, proofreading/editing, document reviews, site localization, etc., in any of his professional language pairs: Arabic<>English, English<>French and Arabic<>French. His subject matter specialties include: legal (asylum, immigration, labor disputes, depositions, copyright issues; medical malpractice, etc.); medical (general, dentistry, optometry, physiotherapy, etc.); economics and finance; and natural sciences (agronomy, plant and animal sciences, and environmental sciences).


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