Dr. Jacobson – Biochemistry SBIR Grant Writer, Regulatory Writer and Business Consultant

Biochemistry SBIR Grant Writer Dr. Jacobson has a lifelong interest in science and nature, which has served to shape his most interesting of career paths. His journey began as chemistry major at Trinity College (Hartford, CT) in 1988. Subsequent to college, he was a research assistant at Yale University for three years. Initially, he worked in the protein chemistry facility conducting solid-phase peptide synthesis; later, in search of work that was more biochemical and cellular in nature, he worked on developing in vitro models of lung alveolar membranes. Dr. Jacobson furthered his scientific studies as Ph.D. student in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Columbia University. His graduate work was focused on protein chemistry, structure, and function. He used x-ray diffraction to solve the structure of the transcription factor Pit-1 complexed to different DNA elements, which helped elucidate the molecular basis of combined pituitary hormone deficiency. As a postdoctoral fellow, at the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine at New York University, he acquired experience screening small molecule libraries using zebrafish embryos and was part of a group that found a biologically-active small molecule with microtubule disrupting abilities. His postdoctoral endeavors were funded by a fellowship award from the American Cancer Society. After completing his postdoctoral studies, Dr. Jacobson worked as Research Assistant Professor and studied the molecular basis of autoimmune thyroid disease. Dr. Jacobson was a recipient of a grant from the American Thyroid Association. He was also a co-investigator on several R01 awards from the NIH and authored numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Jacobson complemented his scientific training by taking business classes and ultimately obtained an MBA. In 2011, he left academia for industry and held roles that focused on advancing a number of different vaccine and immunotherapy products. Initially, he worked for a startup biotech company where he served as the Director of Drug Development. During his tenure, the company received an IND for its first product, a therapeutic vaccine for HPV-associated cancers. Later, he did process development work for a CMO that was manufacturing an oligonucleotide for use as an adjuvant for an anthrax vaccine. In his next role, he worked for two years as a process development scientist contractor on the development of high-dose quadrivalent flu vaccine. His next 4 years were spent at a large CRO where he focused on regulatory writing and supported large molecule, small molecule, and medical device clients.

Dr. Jacobson’s current endeavors focus on grant writing and consulting. He uses the breadth of his experience to assist clients with their SBIR and R01 applications and other proposals. Dr. Jacobson remains actively involved in the vaccine field and has served in a consulting capacity to small biotech and medical device companies where he has provided answers to challenging technical questions and conducted due diligence.

In his spare time, Dr. Jacobson is an avid gardener and enjoys spending time with his family.


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