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ScienceDocs Biological Anthropology Editor Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol earned a PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University at Albany, specializing in skeletal biology, archaeology, history and paleopathology. She has an eclectic background, with experience working in academic settings, the private sector, and as an independent editor spanning multiple fields. She previously worked as a skeletal biologist and archaeologist for a private archaeology firm, and from this experience and training in archaeology also gained a background in geological methods and theory. In addition, she has 4 years of experience editing manuscripts for peer-reviewed psychology journals. She has experience in all stages of editing, including proofreading; copyediting; critiquing and substantive editing; manuscript, thesis, and dissertation review and revision; condensing research, field, and lab data into technical reports and public education materials; and reviewing reports for compliance with federal, state, and academic guidelines.


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