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Dr.  Brandi – Medical Writer and Biological Science Editor

Dr.  Brandi is a PhD trained medical writer with over 12 years of experience in molecular biology research and scientific and medical communication. She received a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a minor in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. She received a PhD in cancer cell biology from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Her dissertation research explored the molecular mechanisms of actin cytoskeleton remodeling in cancer cells, and her postdoctoral research focused on pulmonary exposure to nanomaterials and their effects on cancer initiation and promotion. She has authored numerous publications in the field of nanotoxicology.

Dr. Brandi has been a part of the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute, helping clinicians implement clinical research projects from the planning stages through publication of research results. She has a passion for addressing rural health issues and enjoys conveying how basic scientific research fits into the bigger picture of medicine.

Dr. Brandi’s experience as a biological science editor and writer includes sales training and e-Learning modules and slide decks. She also has experience in producing practice test questions in a variety of areas, such as dermatology, nephrology, oncology, nursing, and medical assisting. As an editor, Dr. Brandi has assisted numerous investigators with English as a Second Language prepare academic manuscripts for publication.

Dr.  Brandi welcomes the opportunity to create educational materials or edit peer-reviewed articles and other forms of literature.


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