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Dr. Michelle is a PhD trained biomedical engineering editor. She has ten years of research experience in wide range of fields including tissue engineering, orthopedics, biomaterials, gene therapy, microbiology, virology and biomechanics. She received her BSE from the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Bioengineering and her PhD from the City College of New York (CUNY) in Biomedical Engineering. Her research focus during her PhD was connective tissue engineering, where she was tasked with creating a tissue replacement for the intervertebral disc of the spine using adult human stem cells. Prior to her graduate degree, she worked as a research technician in a GMP facility at the Belfer Gene Therapy Core of Weill Cornell Medical School where she created clinical and toxicology grade viral vector for gene therapy trials. She has also worked as a management consultant for Acquis Consulting Group in New York City, where she strengthened her skills in writing, editing, creating presentations and communications.

Dr. Michelle has several first and second author peer-reviewed publications, and has edited several manuscripts and grants for colleagues, collaborators and clients. She has also worked as a freelance science writer for blogs, and has published many articles focused on nutrition, physiology and preventative medicine. Her diverse training has given her the ability to learn about several different fields very quickly and communicate their findings to both technical and general audiences. She is excited for the opportunity to take on wide array of projects that will help scientists communicate their findings and ideas clearly and effectively.


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