biomedical grant writerBiomedical Grant Writer and IRB Writer Dr. Frank – PhD in Psychobiology

Dr. Frank is a PhD trained biomedical grant writer and scientist with over 20 years of research and writing expertise in a range of scientific disciplines including oncology biomarker development, translational studies and clinical trials. In addition, she has experience in neurosciences and infectious diseases.  She received her BS in biology from the University of Missouri and earned her PhD at Cornell University in Psychobiology. After completing a NIH postdoctoral fellowship at Rutgers University, Dr. Frank joined the faculty of the New York Medical College where she conducted federally sponsored research on Lyme disease and was the first to report on unique variables in the peridomestic (residential) environment that correlated with increased risk of exposure to borrelia -infected ticks and increased risk of Lyme disease in hyperendemic areas.

 At the University of Arizona College of Medicine, she served in the Dean’s Research Office as a grant writer and mentor to new physician-scientists and was subsequently recruited to the faculty where she pursued independent and collaborative research in breast cancer prevention.  As a faculty member, Dr. Frank received several grant awards from the National Cancer Institute as well as private organizations and pharmaceutical companies and has published the results of this work in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals and delivered presentations at national and international scientific meetings.  Additionally, Dr. Frank served on breast cancer round tables and federal grant peer-review panels.  Concurrent with her academic appointment, Dr. Frank served as an Associate Director with Critical Path Institute where she worked to develop consortia and build consensus among government regulatory agencies, private stakeholders, and academic medical institutions involved in health issues; most notably in the area of Alzheimer’s disease where she worked with team members to achieve the first-ever qualified imaging biomarker for selecting patients for clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease.  She is available for consulting, writing, and editing grant proposals, clinical trial documents (IRB and IACUC), and regulatory documents. In addition, Dr. Frank can help clients edit journal articles and presentations to best communicate their ideas and achievements.  


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