BiostatisticianDr. Yi – Senior ScienceDocs Biostatistician

Dr. Yi has a PhD in Medical Statistics and has worked as a biostatistician since 1985.  An expert in SAS statistical software, Dr. Yi has been a Senior Biostatistician at ScienceDocs since 2008 and has also served as the same role for the Canadian Blood Services, as well as the University of Ottawa, where he has served as an Adjunct Professor.  Prior to that, Dr. Yi has a distinguished career as an Assistant Professor in Medical Statistics, School of Public Health, Shanghai Medical University (China), a Statistical Consultant for Pasteur Merieux Connaught Company (France), a Biostatistician for Canadian Cardiovascular Collaboration at McMaster University (Canada), and a Biostatistician, Princess Margaret Hospital and an Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences at University of Toronto.  He specializes in medical study design, sample size and power calculation, and complex data analysis  in the fields of clinical trial,  epidemiology, lab experiment, genetics and public health in cancer and other chronic disease studies that require substantial inferential statistical methodology.  An abbreviated list of some of his co-authored 170 papers are listed below.

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