german translatorDr. Birnstiel – English <> German Translator

Dr. Birnstiel is a certified german translator in medicine, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. She graduated from the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany with a medical license and an honors thesis in pharmacology. A postdoctoral research fellowship took her to Harvard Medical School, after the completion of which she continued her scientific career in physiology and pharmacology at Loyola University Chicago and Northwestern University for 20 years, followed by work as a family physician. Her CV includes over a dozen peer-reviewed publications in international journals for pharmacology and physiology, as well as a Young Investigator Award.

Dr. Birnstiel also used the Northwestern University tuition benefits for continuing education in business, IT and clinical research. This earned her certificate degrees in Clinical Research Coordination and Internet and Web Development. Other skills include a good working knowledge of electrical engineering and other technological concepts, resulting from working with, maintaining and troubleshooting her equipment such as pH-meters, osmometers, oscilloscopes, high-end electrical amplifiers etc.


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