Brian SteyerBrian Steyer – Education Coordinator at  ScienceDocs Inc.

Brian Steyer is the Education Coordinator of ScienceDocs.  He has a widely-varied and extensive background in education and technology.

He brings a keen interest for projects that involve communication, marketing, outreach, and computer programming, and he greatly enjoys his work.

Brian has a BA in International Studies from the University of Washington.  Where he studied Japanese, Czech, and policies for international development in Myanmar.  

Brian is also passionate about helping women and people of color be successful in the STEM field. He believes that having a strong technical education is a powerful tool for making a positive impact in global issues of climate change, public health, and income inequality. 

On a personal note, Brian is a passionate about the study of mycology and foraging for wild mushrooms. He also enjoys hiking and playing the ukulele.  

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