CME writerDr. Edward – Biomedical Engineer and Cardiology CME Writer, PhD in Biomaterial Science

Dr. Edward , a principal research scientist, biomedical engineer, and scientific-medical communications professional hA  PhD in biomaterial science & technology. He is a high achieving biomedical research scientist with a demonstrated and unique blend of interdisciplinary experience, expertise, and broad-based knowledge that includes scientific and clinical research and extensive project management. Throughout his career, Dr. Edward has built collaborative relationships with principal investigators (PIs), key opinion leaders (KOLs), and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in the academic, scientific, and community medical settings – for example, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation & the Ohio State University Medical Center, OH; the University of Tennessee, TN; Inquill Medical Communications, LLC, CA / Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services, IL.


Dr. Edward has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles based on his collaborative research programs in internationally recognized biomedical journals. He has extensive experience researching, developing or creating scientific-medical outlines / contents, writing, and  editing of a broad range of multidisciplinary scientific / medical communications / publication plan outputs, promotional scientific, technical, and continuing medical education (CME) related documents [research-based peer‑reviewed manuscripts, review / systematic review articles,  executive summary / summary materials; international congress / conference materials: abstracts, slide decks, and posters); solid tumor-, biomaterial-, and diagnostic biosensor‑related grant proposals to the NIH and NSF; CME related materials: gap analysis, needs assessment, learning objectives geared towards HCPs, and CME monographs] – in the therapeutic areas of oncology / solid tumors, cardiovascular diseases / heart failure & coronary artery disease (CAD), transplantation, cardio-metabolic disorders / diabetes, rheumatic related diseases.


In addition, he has experience and expertise in Diagnostics, Medical devices, and Biomedical materials: biosensors, in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) & microfluidic sensor devices, biomedical cardiac devices, coronary stent grafts, therapeutic biomaterials, regenerative medicine, biopolymers / proteins, antibodies; smart biomedical hydrogels; biomarkers in medicine, synthetic medical polymers, bio-interfaces: biocompatibility, blood- and tissue-contacting surfaces; interfacial biochemistry and biomolecular engineering.


Dr. Edward possess an advanced certificate in CME writing plus hands-on experience working remotely on CME-related writing projects within budget and timelines; he also has extensive experience and expertise to review, evaluate, and analyze / interpret medical-scientific publications / clinical trial data, and their clinical implications for therapeutic area practice for improved patient care.    


Invited Grant Proposals and Manuscripts Reviewer – Grant proposals: Dr. Edward has served as an invited reviewer of grant applications submitted to the NIH Study Section on Small Business: Biomaterials, Delivery Systems, and Nanotechnology Panel (ZRG1 IMST, D-13). Manuscripts: Since 2007, he has continuously received several invitations each year to peer-review and evaluate / edit manuscripts submitted for consideration of publication in prestigious biomedical / scientific journals featuring diverse global bio-medical, diagnostics, biotechnological, and scientific research projects conducted in world renowned institutions across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America (for example, Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT – USA; University of Bath, Leeds, Sheffield – UK; University of Hamburg – Germany; University of Twente – Netherlands; The University of Tokyo – Japan; Delhi Technological University – India; Chinese Academy of Science – China; too many to list here. To date, Dr. Edward has peer-reviewed and evaluated over 85 manuscripts.


In summary, Dr. Edward’s unique and outstanding scientific / biomedical interdisciplinary experience, expertise, and breadth of knowledge in advanced scientific, biotechnological, and biomedical research at the interface of the biological, biochemical, biomedical, engineering, and physical sciences (including advanced scientific / medical writing, people and research projects management skills) have equipped him to be highly adaptable and resourceful, and are well suited for the role of diverse scientific, biomedical, and clinical research, medical publications deliverables, strategic scientific medical communications, development of medical-scientific contents, review, analysis / interpretation of clinical-scientific data, and writing of CME-related materials.


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