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Dr. Mete – Computer Science Grant Writer and Consultant

Computer Science Grant Writer Dr. Mete stands in the field of bioinformatic, directing his expertise toward transformative biomedical applications that bridge the gap between computer science, biomedicine, and healthcare. He holds Ph.D. in Computer Science. He has an extensive publication record in the leading journals and conference proceedings. Computer Science Grant Writer Dr. Mete was successful in obtaining national and state level grants supporting artificial intelligence and machine learning aspects of multi-center collaborations. Through the synergy of machine learning, image analysis, data science, he seeks to enhance diagnostic accuracy and streamline medical decision-making, ultimately improving patient outcomes in many solid cancers, such as skin, lung, breast, prostate, patients. Armed with a profound understanding of algorithms, data structures, and computational methodologies, and biological systems, he navigates the intricate landscape of complex networks to decipher the underlying principles governing biological processes. His collaboration spans an array of dataset types, ranging from intricate time series data to structured tabular data, as well as specialized formats like DICOM and fMRI format. His research illuminates the interconnectedness of biological entities, unraveling patterns that extend from molecular interactions to cellular dynamics, gene regularity networks.


  • Database design for biomedical applications
  • Medical image classification and understanding
  • Link detection and prediction in complex biological networks
  • Secure biomedical smart phone application design in complex data-centric frameworks
  • Treatment outcome predictions considering clinical variables.
  • Prediction of health adversaries, such as mortality prediction in premature newborns
  • Design and implement realtime ML-ops for data-centric systems
  • Substance abuse prediction and support decision systems


Computer Science Grant Writer Dr. Mete has had prolific involvement in numerous NIH and NSF grants, testament to his indispensability in propelling biomedical research and grant development. He offers a unique perspective that enriches grant proposals with multidisciplinary insights. His collaborative approach involves working closely with research teams to articulate the scientific significance, feasibility, novelty, and potential impact of their projects.

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