geochemistry editorDr. Craig- Geochemistry Editor and SBIR Grant Writer

Dr. Craig received a Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Indiana University and is a highly-accomplished geochemistry editor.  He has worked as a field geologist for small and large mineral exploration companies, as a consultant to major oil companies (performing computer simulations of flow/reaction systems), and as the director of Indiana University’s Stable Isotope Research Facility.  Dr. Craig is an active member of the International Association of GeoChemistry’s working group on Water-Rock Interaction (WRI).  He is the owner of the computer program REACTRAN – a coupled flow/reaction simulator for geochemical systems.  As a consultant he has used this program for simulating formation damage due to steam injection in heavy oil deposits, sulfur sequestration in buried strata, the geochemical consequences of underground nuclear waste disposal and the formation of uranium roll front and red-bed copper deposits. 

Dr. Craig’s dissertation involved field work, geochemical data interpretation and computer simulations of the Kougarok tin deposit, Alaska, USA. His experience in stable isotope geochemistry includes laboratory work and research involving sulfur isotopes in a variety of minerals and geological settings and oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in igneous systems.  He has taught courses in Mineralogy, Petrology and Petrography and has a number of publications in high-impact geochemistry journals.

As a partner in a small business, a sole proprietor, and the director of a major academic laboratory, Dr. Craig has often been involved in grant proposal writing and editing.  Those proposals ranged from new basic research ideas to follow-on funding for established projects to requests for new laboratory equipment and consumables. Funding agencies with which he has been involved include the US Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the Petroleum Research Fund.  He has prepared a number of SBIR and STTR grant proposals that were primarily involved with computer simulations of geological and geochemical phenomena and their field validation. He has also written numerous grant/work proposals targeted to the research needs of several Fortune 500 companies.


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