data scientistDr. Swaminathan – Data Scientist and Writer, PhD in Physics

Dr. Swaminathan is a computational physicist / data scientist with more than a decade of experience working with biological data. She obtained her PhD in Physics at Ohio University in 2010 where she worked on developing mathematical models of calcium ion channels. After her doctorate, she moved to the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) for post-doctoral work in a world class calcium imaging lab. Here she contributed extensively to developing analysis pipelines for microscopy image data. As a ScienceDocs Data Scientist as well as an Insight Data Science Fellow, Dr. Swaminathan enjoys revealing to her clients the stories data can tell.  Through her popular science writing work, she is also invested in presenting complex technical, scientific concepts and ideas to a lay audience.


Given her extensive experience as a data scientist, Dr. Swaminathan can help you carefully select which statistical and algorithm approaches are best for the problem you have at hand as well as package results into digestible nuggets for a wide variety of audiences. 


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