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Dr. David S. – Chemistry Editor

Dr. David S. studied at the University of New South Wales, graduating with a BSc(hons) in chemistry in 1994 and a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry in 1999. This was followed by postdoctoral research fellowships in medicinal chemistry at the University of Queensland, synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Nottingham, and medicinal chemistry and supramolecular chemistry at the Australian National University. During his final year at the Australian National University he also held a part time position as a lecturer in chemistry. Dr David is co-author on eleven papers and reviews in peer-reviewed journals resulting from his research and has assisted numerous students by proofreading and editing theses and research reports.

In 1996 Dr David began working as a pharmaceutical chemistry evaluator at the Therapeutic Goods Administration. He has written numerous reports evaluating the pharmaceutical chemistry, quality control, and labelling aspects of applications to register over-the-counter and prescription medicines in Australia. He has also trained new evaluators and contributed to reviews of regulatory requirements and policies.

Dr David is now using his experience in scientific writing and his attention to detail as a ScienceDocs editor.

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