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Dr. Juliet completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences, which provided her with a broad background in biological sciences. During this degree, she specialized in microbiology and her undergraduate thesis was focused on malaria. As a result, she has a particular interest in editing research on bacteriology, virology, and parasitology.

After her undergraduate degree, Dr. Juliet went on to gain a Master in Public Health from Imperial College London. During this time, she continued to focus on infectious diseases by researching a Helicobacter pylori screen-and-treat program to reduce the incidence of gastric cancer and by analyzing data on the low uptake of childhood immunizations in the UK. She also received a PhD in Dental Public Health for her work investigating socioeconomic-related inequity in the provision and outcomes of orthodontic treatment in the UK. Carrying out this research provided her with the opportunity to gain further experience of statistical analysis, including modeling.   

Dr. Juliet has been involved in research in academia on interventions for HIV/AIDS and she has also worked in the private sector for a healthcare consultancy. This work involved writing epidemiological, clinical and economic reviews that ranged from broad reviews of health conditions to rigorous systematic reviews of health interventions for submission to European regulatory agencies.

During her time in academia and industry, Dr. Juliet assisted in writing numerous academic manuscripts that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. More recently, she has gained experience of editing academic manuscripts for non-native speakers of English (with a particular focus on bacteriology, virology, parasitology, and public health) and she also works as a freelance quality control editor, which involves checking the work of other editors. She would be very happy to carry out developmental editing, as she enjoys helping researchers to perfect their manuscripts in preparation for publication by improving the structure, clarity and conciseness of their work. 

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