DOD grant writer

Dr. Carly K.

DoD Grant Writer with expertise in Neuroscience and related fields, SBIR/STTR, NIH, NSF


Carly’s experience as a DoD grant writer and officer, as well as an NIH and NSF SBIR-funded entrepreneur, provides her with experience on both sides of the table for negotiating federal funding.


Consulting on DoD Funding

DoD grant writer Dr. Carly can help your team navigate the many opportunities for DoD funding and better read between the lines on funding solicitations.

As a former DoD grants officer, Dr. Carly wrote and negotiated funding opportunities for medical research and development. She acted as a point of contact for research scientists trying to navigate the priorities and regulations of DoD leadership and contracting officers.

At ScienceDocs, Dr. Carly can help your team learn how and when to communicate with DoD program staff, compare different funding solicitations such as SBIRs, RFPs, OTAs, BAAs and PAs, and learn how to create more competitive proposals by aligning with DoD priorities and requirements documents.


SBIR/STTR Grant Writing & Strategy

Additionally, as an SBIR-funded entrepreneur, Dr. Carly understands and anticipates the questions and confusion faced by founders when first considering SBIR grants.

While Dr. Carly’s core expertise is as a DoD grant writer, she also has personally  been through all of the steps of the proposal process to successfully win NIH and NSF awards. She can assist entrepreneurs with not only the technical grant writing, but also in specific administrative details and a broader funding strategy. 

SBIR/STTR Support:

  • Comparing SBIR opportunities across agencies
  • Communicating with federal program staff
  • Defining SBIR-appropriate research objectives
  • Creating a budget within federal rules and regulations
  • Completing all required registrations
  • Grant writing
  • Commercialization plans
  • Sourcing Letters of Support
  • Proposal submission process
  • What to expect during award negotiation
  • Obtaining IRB approvals
  • Understanding expectations for bookkeeping and time tracking
  • Reporting requirements and award close-out procedures



Dr. Carly was trained in neuroscience through a graduate partnership program at the NIH and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Her research focused on the molecular and behavioral neuroscience of stress and resilience with a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University researching ketamine for treatment-resistant depression. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Karolinska Institute, and a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from Cornell University. Her time at the NIH included collaborations with the NIMH, NIAAA, NIDCR, and NIDCD.


After her academic career, she worked with the DoD to help USAMRDC fund medical research. At CDMRP, she managed a portfolio of DoD-funded research in Psychological Health, PTSD, and TBI. Subsequently, worked with the Medical Simulation & Information Sciences program office as a Technology Translation Advisor and Assistant Program Manager to develop a funding strategy for early stage research.


She then used her experience in government funding to support her own company with successful NIH and NSF SBIR awards. As the founder and CEO of her startup, she worked to commercialize an existing academic research tool as a novel medical device to screen infants for hearing loss.


Topic Areas:

Medical Devices


Psychological Health

Substance Abuse



Early Childhood & Education

Medical Simulation & Training

Award-winning NIH, NSF and DOD Grant Writer


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