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As a NSF and DoD SBIR grant writer, Mr. Bard has successfully written and been awarded multiple DoD SBIR development and supporting contracts for his co-founded startup totaling over $3 million.  The company has won multiple awards and Mr. Bard has presented to several organizations within the DoD ecosystem to include: DARPA, DLA, ONR, ARL, MANTECH, and multiple primes.  These close connections have afforded Mr. Bard the opportunity to build meaningful and candid relationships on what matters most to the various military stakeholders.  He is an author of a DoD SBIR book.  In 2017 he began helping other small businesses with DoD business development, commercialization, and development contract proposal preparation.  Mr. Bard has experience with: SBIRs – both Phase I and Phase IIs; Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF), white papers and Quad Charts; Development BAA contract proposals; SOW, RFI, RFP and RFQs; Company Capability Statements; and, Technology Descriptions. 


His passion is working with dynamic teams to assist in crafting a compelling story of how their interesting technologies solve a pressing military problem that results in funding opportunities. Mr. Bard has drafted technology descriptions and turned them into unsolicited funding opportunities and letters of support from prime contractors.


Mr. Bard is a prior service US Army officer with a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, over 20 years of progressive business management experience, non-profit executive board membership, and has been a successful entrepreneur.  As a ScienceDocs DoD SBIR grant writer, Mr. Bard is well-positioned to assist clients with a wide spectrum of not only large-scale grant writing support, but also various other related tasks involving business development, budgeting, business plans, commercialization and more.  Mr. Bard’s core subject matter expertise includes Chemical Engineering, Materials Science (Plastics, Composites, Molding, Foams and Toolings), Advanced Manufacturing, and related fields.

As of FEB 2020 Mr. Bard has assisted companies in winning over $45M of funding with over $36M in DoD non-dilutive development funding.  Mr. Bard funded his technology startup with the DoD SBIR program and has written the book Department of Defense SBIR Phase I Proposal Preparation Manual available on Amazon:


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