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Dr. Stewart – ScienceDocs Genetics and Molecular Biology Editor

Dr. Stewart has a B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Leeds University and a PhD on the expression of Pea vicilin in Yeast from Durham University. Dr Stewart then took up two back-to-back post-doctoral fellowships in yeast molecular biology at Edinburgh University, during which time he sequenced 10Kb of the Yeast genome as part of the genome project. Dr Stewart then moved to Glasgow University to investigate differentially expressed genes related to Parkinson’s disease. During this period, Dr Stewart published several papers. He then joined a small spin-off company, Neuropa, as project manager for Bioinformatics. After Neuropa, Dr Stewart joined Thomson Corp. as an analyst for the Geneseq product, rising to senior analyst. Since 2008 Dr Stewart has been a fulltime freelance scientific editor, helping scientists for whom English is not their first language get their research published in English language journals. Dr Stewart edits papers in the fields of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Plant genetics, and Molecular biology.


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