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ScienceDocs French Translator Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas received a PhD in Medicinal chemistry in 2009 from the University of Leiden. The aim of these studies was to further her scientific background after completing a BSc in Coastal Marine Biology in 2001 and working in biotechnology research labs. Although she is a native French speaker from Switzerland, she has lived abroad and studied in English for almost all her life. She has returned to Asia on several occasions for voluntary marine biology work and water sanitation projects. She hopes to return once again in the near future in order to begin projects in the field of marine conservation and research.

During her studies she discovered she enjoyed linguistics and teaching. After publishing three articles during her PhD, she decided to make use of her interests in languages and her bilingual nature by taking on linguistic services such as translating, proofreading, localizing and proofreading texts of various disciplines. These include scientific and technical texts such as environmental reports, medical questionnaires, patient and product information sheets, patient consent forms, microscope manuals, and sports product descriptions.


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