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Biomedical Editor Dr. Dutt has more than 18 years of experience in the field of Biology. She has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her PhD project focused on analyzing genomic instability in sporadic colorectal cancer. It was an exciting time when she was one among the few researchers (at the time), who identified complete or partial homozygosity in human chromosomes of colon cancer patients, also known as uniparental disomy. This was a significant discovery in cancer research. Following her PhD, Dr. Dutt did her postdoctoral training in Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo and at University of California, Davis. Her postdoctoral research involved the functional analysis of key genes in androgen insensitive prostate cancer cell lines. She received the postdoctoral research scholar program award from the American Urological Association (AUA) for her work on the Trefoil Factor 1 (TFF1) gene. Dr. Dutt has collaborated on various scientific projects related to genomic instability and functional gene characterization, and she has published scientific articles to her credit. She has also written a book chapter on the molecular pathways that characterize prostate cancer. She presented her work at the prestigious American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conferences, and her posters were greatly appreciated. She creates compelling slide decks from manuscripts and other data.


Dr. Dutt shifted her focus from research and begun working as a biomedical editor and writer over 5 years ago. She provides excellent editing services in cancer biology, molecular biology, cell biology, plant biology, zoology, genomics, and environmental biology. She has a keen eye for errors in content, grammar, syntax, format, and style. She has assisted researchers in editing manuscripts, identifying relevant journals, and preparing manuscripts for submission to these journals. She has experience in preparing study reports from technical discussions and manuscripts. With her research background and publication experience, she is very good in critically evaluating scientific data and research and provides valuable insights. She is also a peer reviewer of scientific manuscripts.


Dr. Dutt is an active contributor of health articles and is a coauthor of numerous eHealth books. She constantly works on polishing her editing skills and keeps abreast of current developments in the fields of editing, writing, and research. She has contributed blog posts to a diabetes blog and occasionally posts cancer-related articles in her blog “Cancer Speak”. Dr. Dutt looks forward to collaborate and provide her expertise and scientific knowledge to critically evaluate and to edit scientific documents, grants, reports, and policy briefs.


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