Dr. Harper

Dr. Harper

ScienceDocs Ecology Editor Dr. Harper

Dr. Harper an ecology editor and is an independent scientist with an active research program and students of all levels. Her research focuses on vegetation at forest edges and but she has experience with plant ecology, general ecology and environmental science. She has been an adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University and Dalhousie University since 2006. She also has experience as an assistant professor in plant community ecology and northern studies, postdoctoral experience in forest ecology and a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta. She is an Associate Editor for the journal Plant Ecology and she was a guest editor for a special feature for the Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Dr. Harper has conducted reviews for over 20 different journals. She has a proven record of leading-edge research with over 30 refereed publications and she has also assisted, edited and evaluated students’ writing through supervision of graduate and undergraduate students and co-authorship of students’ manuscripts and posters. Since Dr. Harper is also a consultant for ecological sampling design and data analysis, she can work with you for all your research needs on your project.

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