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Dr. Michael – Electrical Engineering Patent Writer and Registered Agent

Dr. Michael is a scientist, inventor, engineering patent writer and registered agent who provides patent preparation and prosecution services in an array of technical areas such as computer and electrical engineering, materials science, nanofabrication, software, optics, and mechanical devices.  At ScienceDocs, he seeks to help inventors secure high-quality patent protection while also helping them to understand and navigate the patent process.


  • Utility Patent Application Preparation
  • Provisional Patent Application Preparation
  • Continuation/Divisional Patent Application Preparation
  • Preparation of USPTO Office Action Responses
  • Prior Art Searches
  • Notice of Allowance Review
  • Application/Response Filing with USPTO
  • Examiner Interviews
  • Fee Payments (e.g., Issue Fees, Maintenance Fees)

Experience: As an electrical engineering patent writer and agent, Dr. Michael has worked with independent inventors, start-ups, large corporations, university researchers, as well as law firms and private practice.  He has written over 100 patents, is a co-inventor on 7 issued patents, and has authored/co-authored over 40 technical journal publications and conference presentations, presenting at both domestic and international conferences.

Dr. Michael holds a Ph.D. and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.  His doctoral research focused on graphene and III-V materials and devices for post Si-CMOS applications.  In addition to his graduate studies, he also has years of semiconductor industry experience, both in start-up and large corporate settings.

Dr. Michael is fluent in English and Spanish, enjoys traveling, eating out, and spending time with his wife and daughter.


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