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English – Chinese Translator Dr. He : PhD in Biomedical Science

English – Chinese Translator Dr. He received her B.Sc. in Biology from Wuhan University, and PhD in Biomedical Science from University of Pittsburgh. With extensive biomedical training and more than six years of academic research on HIV/AIDS, she has deep understanding and rich knowledge in infectious diseases, microbiology, virology, immunology and pathology. Her academic work spanned from the epidemiology of HIV substrains in China, to immunopathogenesis of HIV infection and its implication on cure strategies, as well as cardiovascular comorbidities in chronic HIV infection. These projects led to more than ten publications in high impact journals, and multiple award-winning oral and poster presentations at national and international-level conferences. Outside of academic research, she also has over ten years of experience translating educational contents ranging from general biology and biomedical science to psychology and behavioral science, between English and Chinese. With strong biomedical background in both languages, deep understanding of research methodology and terminology, she delivers high-quality translations of scientific/biomedical contents between English and Chinese.


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