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Edith is a Dutch translator with an MSc degree in agronomy and a Bachelor’s degree in translation: the best of two worlds! Because of her thorough background in biology, Edith specialises in translating texts in the field of life sciences: agriculture, environment, health, medicine, nutrition, biology, psychology, pedagogy and education. She translates from English and Swedish into Dutch, providing natural-sounding translations with the correct scientific and medical terminology.


Her educational and professional background include scientific reporting and hands-on experience with molecular biological and microbiological techniques. Furthermore, Edith worked for many years in the agrochemical sector as a registration specialist for crop protection products, where she gained in-depth knowledge of chemistry, agriculture, toxicology, and environmental and ecological sciences. She is always eager to learn about new fields and developments and engages in ongoing professional development by taking courses on topics such as diabetes, immunology, oncology, nutrition, epidemiology, genomics, forensic sciences and psychology.


Examples of text types Edith has translated include press releases and web articles for universities and companies, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), food safety manuals on HACCP and traceability systems, labels and registration dossiers for plant protection products, SPCs/PILs for human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, IFUs for medical devices, research protocols and ICFs for clinical trials, forensic scientific reports, educational software and university exam questions.


Edith always discusses the target audience of the translation with the client to ensure that the Dutch readers will easily understand the translation. One of her talents is explaining difficult concepts in a clear and simple way, such as by making Dutch-language lay summaries of highly complex scientific and medical information written in English or Swedish. Her texts for professionals are also a pleasure to read, conveying complex information while avoiding obscure language.


Edith is especially enthusiastic about helping people and companies achieve their goals, ‘invisible’ translating, finding just the right expression, and learning something new each day!


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