Quintas Portuguese TranslatorMr. Quintas – English to Portuguese Translator

Mr. Quintas is a Portuguese Translator who was born and raised in New Orleans, LA to a Portuguese family (fully bilingual and dual citizen of Portugal and the US).  He moved to Portugal where he finished high school and graduated from Porto University, obtaining a degree in Natural Sciences with an emphasis in Biology and Geology. With his background in Biology and Geology, Mr. Quintas’ focus as a Portuguese Translator is firmly in scientific and technical content

Having lived as a volunteer in a Portuguese ex-colony, Mr. Quintas developed his skills regarding the variant of Portuguese used in Portugal’s ex-colonies, and performs a significant amount of translation for the Oil & Gas industry in Angola.

Mr. Quintas has finished an extensive postgraduate course in ‘Election Observation and Electoral Assistance’ that he makes use of, together with his volunteering experience, in his work with NGOs and other international organizations.  On top of being a ScienceDocs Translator, Mr. Quintas is also a part-time high school teacher and member of the Board of the Portuguese Association for Gifted Children.


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