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As an environmental statistician, Dr. Tam participates in a wide variety of projects, many of which are focused on environmental monitoring and ecological modeling. Dr. Tam’s ecological and environmental projects have included the studies of marine fisheries, stream habitats, forest ecology, benthic invertebrate compositions, sediment chemistry, and waste stream characterization. She also has experience consulting on some orthopedic medical research projects and some exposure in the banking industry. In a variety of applications, Dr. Tam has applied her knowledge of statistics and modeling in the evaluation of methods for abundance estimation and prediction, trend detection, probability predictions, estimation of treatment effects and the determination of sampling designs and data collection schemes. Other areas of expertise include spatial/temporal modeling, experimental design, linear and nonlinear regression analysis (including mixed effects models, hierarchical models and zero-inflated models), multivariate data analysis, Bayesian methods, time series analysis, and data visualization including the use of GIS. Dr. Tam is also experienced in statistical programming and database design.

Dr. Tam has extensive experience collaborating across disciplines in order to produce quality science. This includes working with multiple team members, the client, and stakeholders to ascertain a clear understanding of research questions and expectations. She routinely reads literature that is relevant to current projects. As a consultant she is often tasked with “getting the job done” using commonly accepted methods. As a researcher, Dr. Tam tries to interject new, creative approaches to problems when applicable. 

As an environmental statistician, Dr. Tam emphasizes communication and statistical documentation. She has provided statistical briefings to a variety of audiences including presentations at statistical meetings, as well brown bag seminars. Dr. Tam also provides briefings to clients at various points throughout a project lifecycle. She routinely writes technical reports for clients that include appropriate background and specification of statistical methods, in addition to results with interpretations. She is careful to document all relevant assumptions, as well as documenting all manipulations of data or data issues encountered during an analysis. When appropriate, Dr. Tam works with clients to produce articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Tam earned a PhD in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (2004) from the University of Washington.  She also earned a M.S. in Microbiology (1984), a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science (1984) and a B.S. in Microbiology (1980) from California State University, Long Beach. In addition to consulting, Dr. Tam teaches part-time in the Statistics Department at the University of Washington.

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