epidemiology editorDr. Elizabeth – Epidemiology Editor and Grant Writer

Dr. Elizabeth is an epidemiologist, medical writer and professor with extensive experience in study design, analysis, manuscript preparation and grant writing.  She did her doctoral work in the epidemiology of aging at the University of Pittsburgh and was a research fellow in neuroepidemiology at Columbia University, where she specialized in the epidemiology and clinical course of Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Elizabeth’s areas of expertise include epidemiology, hearing loss, neurology, oncology, cardiovascular disease, obesity and emergency medicine.  She has years of experience guiding graduate students in study design, analysis, and scientific writing.  She has worked as an editor and peer-reviewer of many manuscripts addressing wide-ranging topics in neurology, epidemiology and public health – in other words, she knows what reviewers are looking for.  She has worked with many authors for whom English is a second language.  She takes a kind and studied approach which ensures that the message of each manuscript is concise, clear, interesting and appealing to a wide scientific audience.   

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