cardiology editorDr. Euler – Cardiology Editor and Grant Writer

Dr. Euler is a PhD-trained physiologist with over 35 years of experience in writing and publishing scientific articles.  He served as Associate Professor of Medicine & Physiology at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago for 18 years and also worked as a Senior Principle Scientist at Medtronic in Minneapolis for 10 years.  During his tenure in academia and industry, he authored or coauthored more than 100 scientific articles, book chapters and review articles.  He has successfully written both NIH and AHA grant applications, and has served on both NIH and AHA panels as a grant reviewer.  He is also listed as an inventor or co-inventor on 10 patents.  Since 2008, Dr. Euler has worked almost exclusively as a freelance medical writer/editor helping other scientists publish high-quality manuscripts.  He has edited over 600 manuscripts, abstracts and slide presentations written by non-native English speakers.  Although his research background is in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, he has experience reviewing/editing papers on such diverse medical topics as anesthesiology, cardiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, neurology, nephrology, pulmonology, surgery, radiology, oncology and implantable medical devices.  In order to maintain his critical thinking skills, Dr. Euler continues to serve as an invited peer reviewer for major medical journals such as Circulation, American Journal of Cardiology, American Journal of Physiology and Heart Rhythm.   


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