Forest Ecology EditorDr. Julian – Forest Ecology Editor and Writer

Dr. Julian is a biologist and specialized editor of ecology and its applications in forestry, agriculture, conservation, and environmental science. He has a BSc in Biology (Hons.) from McGill University, and an MFC (Master of Forest Conservation) from the University of Toronto where he also obtained his PhD in forest ecology and management of threatened Amazonian timber trees. From 2007 through 2015, he did post-doctoral research and teaching as an Assistant and Senior Assistant at the Institute of Plant Sciences of the University of Bern, Switzerland. His research there examined the role of biotic interactions in tree population and community dynamics of an endangered African rain forest (Korup, Cameroon). While at Bern he helped students and ESL-colleagues improve their English writing and usage, as well as their statistical analyses and reporting. Currently, in addition to editing, he is building an independent research program based out of Montreal.

To date, Dr. Julian has first-authored 17 publications in refereed international journals, first-authored one book chapter, co-authored two more journal publications, and has peer-reviewed more than 65 manuscripts for 27 journals. He has designed and delivered his own ecology course, and lectured in eco-evo courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Besides editing numerous manuscripts—including conference posters, presentations, cover letters, and replies to reviewer comments—he also likes to advise scientists on their experimental design and statistical applications (parametric and non-parametric tests, mixed models, and multivariate approaches).

With over 15 years experience in academic research, and much fieldwork done in the tropics, Dr. Julian is sympathetic to the hurdles and needs faced by those authors whose first language is not English. In short, he is keen to help researchers communicate sound science that gets published and read.


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