French Translator

Mrs. Karen, M.A., M.Sc. – English into French Translator & Editor

French Translator Mrs. Karen specializes in the following fields: Health, Environment and Circular Economy, Human Rights, Engineering & Mining, Natural & Mineral Resources, Humanitarian and Sanitary Crises.


Karen provides the following Services:

• Translation
• Review
• Editing
• Localization
• Translation Project Management
• Interpreting and Cultural Mediation

As an active French Translator, Karen collaborates with the private sector, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations based in North America and Europe, as well as European Union bodies (Court of Justice, European Commission).
Additionally, she contributes her skills as a Cultural Mediator & Interpreter in MHPSS sessions as well as in administrative & legal contexts for the Refugee, Migrant and Asylum Seekers populations.

Mrs. Karen holds a M.A. in English Language, Literature and Foreign Civilizations (2000) and a Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Literary Translation (2001) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She also holds a Postgraduate Degree in Translation and Language Professions (2003) from the Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et Interprètes (ISTI) in Brussels, Belgium. For almost 10 years, she worked with a contractor for the Office of Publications of the European Union (OPOCE) as the French Translations Department Coordinator on various European Commission and EU Research and Development projects (among which CORDIS, Europa, research*eu, EFSA, ESA, etc.), and was in direct contact with the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT) in Luxembourg.

In 2013, Karen extended her skills to more specialized, highly technical fields. She has solid expertise in translating and editing Environmental and Geological Surveys, Humanitarian Reports, Engineering projects, and Feasibility Studies for the Resources sector, among others. She is fluent in Modern Greek and provides Translation and Interpreting services from this language. She has studied German, Spanish and Arabic in the past, but does not use them professionally. She demonstrates commitment and professionalism, and has a keen eye for detail.

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