Dr. Susan- Genetics Writer and Editorgenetics writer

Dr. Susan has over 12 years of research experience in the biotechnology industry, with expertise in biomarkers, genomics, epigenetics, cancer biology, and inflammation. She majored in biology at Harvard University and then went on to earn a PhD in genetics from Stanford University School of Medicine. Her dissertation research focused on the molecular biology of Down syndrome.

After graduate school, she worked for a company called Epigenomics, where she developed new technology, led product development teams, and, of course, wrote whenever she could: presentations, articles, reviews, posters, grants, and book chapters. After Epigenomics, she went to work for Amgen. She led cross-functional biomarker teams in the development and implementation of biomarker strategies for clinical trials. Part of her job was to write manuscripts, posters, SOPs, and biomarker-related sections of clinical documents. But she found herself seeking writing projects beyond her core job description. For instance, she accepted a place on an FDA osteoarthritis biomarkers consortium tasked with writing a white paper on the development of biomarkers for osteoarthritis.

When she left Amgen, she made the switch to writing and consulting full-time. She is a member of the American Medical Writers Association. Known for clear, concise writing and thorough, knowledgeable editing, Dr. Susan welcomes the chance to work with you on your projects.


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