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Dr. Graciela– Grant Consultant, Manuscript, and Content writer

Grant Consultant Dr. Graciela edits as well as writes academic grants, peer-reviewed manuscripts, and website content. Dr. Graciela’s writing specializes in biology, environmental sciences, earth and planetary sciences, chemistry, and biomedical sciences. Dr. Graciela also specializes in writing grants for environmental and social justice projects and in education grants. Dr. Graciela has written grant proposals for federal agencies including NASA, NIH, NSF, and DOE. She has also written grant proposals for education purposes.

As a Grant Consultant at ScienceDocs, she helps clients with their writing/editing needs such as grant preparation, including the narrative, manuscript preparation, abstracts, and posters for conferences, across multiple fields.


  • Scientific Writing/Editing
  • Grant Writing
  • Peer-review manuscript writing/editing
  • Conference Abstract writing
  • Poster Preparation
  • Website design and content
  • Blog Writing

Experience: In addition to serving as a Grant Consultant at ScienceDocs, Dr. Graciela has designed and written content of several websites, focusing on science dissemination for the general audiences. As a scientific writer, Dr. Graciela has written/edited over 15 manuscripts in a variety of fields including oncology, environmental health, chemistry, and public health. Two of these are review articles on the topics of Typho and Polio.

As a former scientist, Dr. Graciela has been several times a reviewer of grant proposals and scientific manuscripts, and has written her own research grants, which were all awarded. She is the lead author of over 20 scientific articles published in high impact scientific journals including Science and Nature.

Dr. Graciela holds a Ph.D. in Astrobiology from the University of Paris, La Sorbonne (France); a Masters in Human Genetics from the University of Paris, La Sorbonne (France); and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico). During her PhD years and as a scientist, Dr. Graciela used a variety of analytical techniques including electron microscopy, Infrared spectroscopy, gas and mass chromatography, confocal microscopy, and X-ray spectroscopy. She developed a sample preparation lab technique that was adopted and is currently used by over 150 labs across the world.

Dr. Graciela has also served as a professor at the University of Washington, where she has taught science courses in the Honors and Adult education programs.

Dr. Graciela is fully trilingual (English, French, and Spanish) and has written scientific content in all three languages. In her spare time, Dr. Graciela is a fiction writer and has published her stories in literary magazines of several countries.


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