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Dr. Victor B.– Biotechnology, Virology, Drug Discovery & Development, Institutional Safety, and Behavioral Health Business and Grant Consultant

Grant Consultant Dr. Victor B. is a scientist entrepreneur with significant experience in program management and fundraising in biotech, academic, non-for-profit, and government environments.  At ScienceDocs, he helps entrepreneurs and startup companies with business plan development, grant writing, institutional safety, publication, licensing, and regulatory pathway navigation in several non Defense Health Agency (DHA) related fields of inquiry.


  • Technical writing, peer-reviewed publications, grant writing (SBIR)
  • Market analysis
  • Clinical trial planning and analyses
  • Technology licensing and research agreement (CRADA) application and negotiation (non DHA)

Experience: In addition to serving as a ScienceDocs Business and Grant Consultant, Dr. Victor B. has founded two technology-based companies, raised over $13M in Federal grants and contracts (NIAID, NHLBI, CDC), and served on 12 grant review panels (NIH, VA, SBA- including five SBIR grant review panels). He has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles, reviewed articles for or served on the editorial board for over 20 journals, and has 12 years’ experience serving on or leading institutional safety programs.  He is considered an opinion leader in the (antiviral) drug discovery and development and institutional biological safety space, has ghost-authored numerous grants in a variety of subject areas, and has served as a business advisor and grant consultant to several biotechnology and technology-based companies.

Dr. Victor B. holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where he discovered the mechanism by which a frequently-observed hepatitis B virus basal core promoter mutation occurs. He has a dozen years’ experience overseeing contract research in the field of antiviral drug discovery and development for both the hepatitis B and C virus in corporate and start-up environments, and later ran the research department at a VA Behavioral Health referral facility.

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