chemistry editorDr. Long – Wide-Spectrum Physical and Life Science Grant Editor

Dr. Long is a PhD-level chemistry grant editor for ScienceDocs, with over 10 years of expertise (as of 2021) enhancing the impact of scientists’ manuscripts. He comfortably edits and writes across nearly all science and engineering disciplines including various subjects in the life sciences. He’s skilled at ensuring a concise, logical, comprehensive, and engaging narrative—even in disciplines such as computational neuroscience and urban planning that are not one of his academic specialties.

Education and publications: Received a PhD in bio/analytical chemistry from Penn State (research: colloids, interfaces, and nanoscience). First-author publications in Proc Natl Acad Sci (cover article), J Am Chem Soc, and Anal Chem (accelerated article). Completed postdoctoral training at the University of Arizona (research: surface and biomembrane science).

Grants: Wrote an NIH F32 postdoctoral grant of his own and has contributed substantively to countless proposals. Dr. Long is a Grant Editor for the following agencies, among others:

  • NIH (multi-PI/multi-institutional)
  • NSF (shared facilities and CAREER awards)
  • DOD Grants
  • SBIR grants

Journal articles: Edit work that is subsequently published in e.g. Science and Angew Chem. Understands how to select an appropriate journal. Ask Dr. Long for a cover letter; he understands how to get the attention of journal editors.

Other science communication: Write press releases, usually non-bylined and often submitted to EurekAlert; one was featured on the website of U.S. ABC News. Write alt text for science, math, and humanities. Taught undergraduate chemistry, to high student reviews. Published journalism in Nature on this teaching. Write and edit high-impact resumes, for everyone from students to established professionals in the sciences.

For recreation, Dr. Long enjoys riding/crashing his mountain bike wherever his wheels take him. Getting a flat tire 50+ mi from home in an isolated area taught him the importance of bringing standard repair supplies, and learning how to use them. Neither a high-speed, face-first wreck into a cholla cactus nor shattering his shoulder joint in a ridiculous trail wreck (the shoulder is fine now; painful lesson learned) will separate him from his bike.


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