ScienceDocs is absolutely committed to bringing you not only the finest research support services and quality control possible, but also ensuring that you both understand the services that we agree to provide you, and that you are beyond satisfied with those services.  We depend upon happy clients to continue a successful business to the future, and we all take great pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

When a project is first quoted to us from our quote sheet and all applicable information is given along with the supporting files, we will respond with a Statement of Deliverables along with our quote.  Upon acceptance of our quote, we will invoice you for this work and once the invoice is cleared, we will promptly begin the work.  Refunds will not be given after this point.  However, if after the work is finished the client has valid criticisms of the work that indicates improvement is in fact needed, we will be happy to address those issues at no further cost to the client.

Ultimately, while it is the responsibility of the client to determine that our service, the assigned specialist as well as the Statement of Deliverables is in-line with his or her needs, it is our desire to do whatever we reasonably can to foster our clients’ happiness with our work and to guarantee their success.  When we have happy, successful clients, we see return business here and often referred colleagues as well…and we in turn find our own work more fulfilling.

Therefore, you should know that we at ScienceDocs are 100% invested in your success!

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