health economistDr. Peter, Health Economist

ScienceDocs Health Economist Dr. Peter specializes in health economic evaluation and modeling. Dr. Peter has worked as Assistant Professor at Oregon Health & Science University in the School of Medicine and as affiliate in the School of Public Health. Recently, he was health economist on awarded NIH grants leading economic evaluation for randomized control trials of medical devices and employee wellness programs. 

He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. As Affiliate Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health, Peter teaches Health Economics and advises masters and doctoral students. His research interests include program evaluation, economic evaluation, advanced research methodologies, health insurance coverage, healthcare workforce, and health policy. As Data Scientist, Peter builds and deploys predictive models and conducts advanced analytics to support quality improvement operations at the OHSU hospital and system. 

While health care can seem intricate and complex, he finds economic tools highly effective at understanding underlying factors to build products, programs, and policies. He resides in Portland, Oregon and enjoys the creative city’s inhabitants.

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