materials scienceDr. Henderson, PhD – Chemistry, Material Science Editor

Dr. Henderson is a science enthusiast who believes in the value of collaborative work. As an empathetic researcher, she enjoys helping fellow scientists share their results with the community.

Dr. Henderson received Bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As an undergraduate she conducted in vitro research at the Denver Health Sciences Center and worked in the ultrafast spectroscopy laboratory of Prof. Niels Damrauer. She spent one year working under Dr. John Turner at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO studying photoelectrochemical electrolysis for renewable hydrogen production. This ‘holy grail’ of renewable energy research—splitting water with sunlight—was broadly focused in semiconductor characterization, durability testing, and theoretical material science. She received a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of California San Diego under Prof. Clifford Kubiak. During her dissertation she studied photoinduced electron transfer reactions, gaining valuable expertise in the synthesis and characterization of organic and metal complexes, electrochemistry, and spectroscopy. During her tenure at UCSD she collaborated with research groups at Yale, UC Berkeley, CalTech, and Uppsala University in Sweden. Dr. Henderson has published in several American Chemical Society journals and has presented her results at national and specialty conferences worldwide.

With more than eight years of experience writing and editing technical documents – including manuscripts, successful grant proposals, presentations, posters, patents, and regulatory documents – Dr. Henderson edits and rewrites texts in many scientific fields including physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, material science, physics, and biochemistry.


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