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Dr. Khanna- SBIR and Academic Immunology Grant Writer 

Dr. Khanna has PhD in life science (IMMUNOLOGY). He has extensive knowledge and understanding of current biomedical research with a record of serving as a funded Principal Investigator in basic, experimental, pre-clinical, translational and clinical sciences. He conducted and published 100 original studies on organ transplantation including mechanism of graft rejection, immunosuppressive drugs; the effect of tobacco on heart failure, organ transplantation and neurological diseases as well as renal and cancer related diseases. He is diligent and organized professional with strong scientific and regulatory research and review background for grants submitted to various organizations such as NIH, CDMRP and other societies as well as reviewer for scientific journals. He also possesses extensive experience in drug discovery, delivery and the development of molecular diagnostic assays. Experience in teaching and mentoring students and a vast knowledge of human research protection proposals and FDA applications.  He has also made more than 200 presentations, chaired sessions in national and international scientific meetings.


  • SBIR/STTR Grant Review
  • NIH/NSF/CDMRP Grant Editing and Review
  • Webinar Preparations/Reviews
  • Consultancy for life sciences patent applications and review
  • SBIR/RO-1, PO-1 and other Grant Writing
  • IRB/IACUC Protocol consulting and review
  • Corporate formation/structure
  • Basic Research, animal models, gene therapy and Clinical Development, single and multi-center clinical trials planning

Experience: In addition to consulting with ScienceDocs, Dr. Khanna has been the founder/CEO and CSO of a small biotech company to develop recombinant p21 protein as drug for transplant rejection, atherosclerosis and breast cancer as well to develop a molecular diagnostic assay for breast cancer.

He has continued his studies on Rheumatic Fever and developed a diagnostic assay for rheumatic fever, used world-wide.  He has additionally served as a faculty member at the department of medicine at a medical college.  Dr. Khanna has worked at various DoD institutions as a regulatory professional, Subject Matter Expert and Manager of Human Research Protection programs. Most recently, he worked as SME Therapeutics and Sr. Clinical Advisor at ASPR/HHS and JBEO-CBRND, respectively for the acquisition and distribution of COVID-19 therapeutics. He is a patent holder on the use of Anti-TGF-beta as an anti-fibrotic agent for organ transplantation recipients and kidney disease patients.

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