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I love technology and I love to help our clients use it to communicate effectively and securely as well as to find efficient and intelligent solutions to their IT problems.  As a ScienceDocs IT Consultant, I have the privilege of working with inspiring founders out to change the world, and it is gratifying to assist them with some of their more technical IT hurdles on their way to doing so.  Every day and every client is different with different needs and different problems.  This makes the work exciting and new.  I constantly find myself learning new types of technologies and new ideas to implement.


Computers were a hobby of mine from a very young age. My father bought me my first computer when I was 8 or 9.  Not too soon after that, I wanted to find out how it worked, so I took it apart without fully knowing how to put it back together.  My father was not mad, he promptly bought me a new one and had always encouraged this aspect of my life.  My IT career has exploded over the many years, where I have gained experience in desktop support, server administration, network administration, system architect to IT Manager, in various types of industries from financial, manufacturing, software development, technology, medical, and even several Fortune 50 companies and their compliance issues.


Before becoming a ScienceDocs IT Consultant, one of my last positions was working for a small medical billing office located in Los Angeles.  Coming from a large enterprise-level environment to a small 10-person office was a bit of a culture shock.  They were having a lot of computer issues, Microsoft Office issues, crashes, connectivity issues, etc.  I quickly realized that whoever was running their IT had a very ‘interesting’ way of doing things.  Not to say that it was wrong, just interesting.  Once I was able to fix everything and the problems stopped and the network was stable, I was loaned out to some of their clients to fix their issues…and my experience continued to grow from there. 


In more recent years, I decided to use my experience to help small and medium-sized businesses to ensure that they are successful.  As a ScienceDocs IT Consultant, it is exciting to be squarely in the mix as we support medical and scientific startups on the absolute forefront of innovation. It is perpetually stimulating to work with such interesting founders and executives!


I will leave you with a very ‘Dad’ saying that I faithfully abide by: Do it right the first time or don’t do it all!


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