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Dr. Park is an expert in organic and organometallic synthesis, optimization of chemical reactions and processes, solid-phase chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, and material science.  Dr. Park received his B.S and M.S from the Kyungpook National University in South Korea and worked for seven years at KRICT (the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) on the development of novel agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, before coming to the United States for his Ph.D. studies in Organic Chemistry at the University of California, Davis.  In addition, he worked at Novartis Crop Protection (currently Syngenta Crop Protection) in Basel, Switzerland on the development of a hydantoin compound library.  Subsequently, Dr. Park joined DuPont Central Research & Development at the Experimental Station in Delaware and worked for over 16 years on a wide range of innovative programs, including OLED emitter and hole transport materials, copper ALD/CVD precursors as interconnect materials for microelectronics, electrolytes/additives for lithium ion batteries, and lead discovery of biologically relevant small molecules for agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.  He is the co-inventor of 12 issued US patents and the co-author of 32 peer reviewed publications.   Dr. Park has also served as a reviewer for many chemistry journals, including the Journal of the American Chemical Society.  He looks forward to helping you with Korean to English and English to Korean translations for chemistry.

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