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Dr. Kursu – Machine Learning expert, AI grant writer with a PhD in Computer Science

AI grant writer Dr. Kursu has expertise is in the field of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).  He has a particular interest in deep learning, multiview/multimodal machine learning, biological neural models and their applications in data science, biomedical engineering, and embedded systems. Having supervised 14 master’s theses and 5 PhD dissertations and authored 80+ publications garnering 1800+ citations, Dr. Kursu is a significant contributor in AI/ML. At ScienceDocs, Dr. Kursu provides assistance to entrepreneurs and startup companies to incorporate AI effectively in their projects and to design novel pipelines of AI/ML methods for creating more innovative and efficient solutions. His expertise enables them to enhance their AI through improved generalization and robust validation, optimization, and testing.

Dr. Kursu received his BS and MS degrees with a master’s thesis on neural networks in Computer Engineering and a PhD degree in 2004 in Computer Science. During his PhD program, he conducted neuroscience research projects in collaboration with the neuroscience professors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). From 2003 to 2006, he served as a lecturer and researcher at UCF, also developing data mining algorithms for the Florida Orange County Sheriff’s Office. During 2009-2016, he served as Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at Istanbul University. Dr. Kursu continued his collaboration with UNC on cortical network modeling to (1) explain experimental neurophysiological observations through the understanding of cortical network structure and biology, and (2) discover the functional utility of computations performed by the developed models. Since relocating to the US in 2016, he has been a faculty member at various universities, continuing to develop brain-inspired machine learning algorithms. He currently leads an NSF grant on developing ML methods for image segmentation and he is developing new projects in privacy-preserving ML.

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