nash chemistry editorDr. Maria- Chemistry Editor

Dr. Maria pursued her 1st class honors BSc degree in chemistry in the National University of Ireland Galway, during which she received awards for her academic achievements. She obtained her PhD in chemistry from the same university, where her research focused on the application of biomaterials, particularly smart polymers, for non-invasive cell culture and cell sheet tissue engineering.

Subsequently, her research involved monomer and polymer synthesis with a view to biomedical applications and the establishment of novel hydrogel systems for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications. As such, her research background spans a wide range of disciplines from biomedical engineering to material science and polymer chemistry to in vitro and in vivo studies.

Having worked in a non-native English speaking country for many years, she gained extensive experience in substantive editing, proofreading and rewriting scientific manuscripts both for high-level peer-reviewed journals and grant applications. She has also won independent research funding as well as co-authoring successful research grants.

She is the corresponding and leading author of several publications in high impact-factor journals and has presented at numerous prestigious international conferences. An integral part of her scientific experience has involved the supervision of 3rd and 4th level students in their thesis projects including the correction and evaluation of thesis projects and presentations.

With a keen eye for written-word detail and an eagerness to stay abreast of new scientific trends, she has applied her experience to focus on scientific writing in all of its varying forms, from drafts through to publication. Her multifaceted scientific background makes her an ideal candidate to assess and correct undergraduate through postgraduate to top level theses, presentations, manuscripts and grant applications.

While specializing in editing and writing in the fields of biomedical engineering, biomaterials, organic, polymer, physical and analytical chemistry, clinical studies, tissue engineering, in vivo and in vitro studies, biochemistry and microbiology, she welcomes the opportunity to work with scientists across the entire scientific spectrum to reach a successful application, presentation or publication outcome.


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